“He meets the highest standard in my book:  he is a valued member of MAD’s “Usual Gang of Idiots”.  True, he’s a terrific cartoonist – full of funny ideas and funny pictures – which is what got him into MAD in the first place.”

Sam Viviano, Art Director, MAD Magazine

” Your book is great!”

Jim Davis, creator of Garfield, about Nate’s book, Laser Pointers, Hairballs and Other Cat Stuff

“We first started working with Nate when we created Thought Leadership in May of 2013. He’s illustrated every monthly strip since then. He somehow manages to bring an unexpected and always appropriate visual element to everything he does. And his singular sense of humor is as much a part of his style as his illustrations. We look forward to a very long ride together.”

Mark O’Brien, founder and Principal, O’Brien Communications Group

“WOW… you have some serious talent! Love your work.”

Doris Winters, Art Director, Costco Connection Magazine

“Nate is an extremely talented, knowledgeable and easy-going artist. He delivered above all expectations within the budget and timeframe given. We are very please with his performance, and will definitely use his services in the future. 100% recommended.”

Johan A., Project Manager, Hatlehols AS

“Nate is a pleasure to work with and I would definitely hire him again for a future project! Working with Nate has been great in all aspects of the project. His work is top quality, he communicates clearly and promptly, and, even with changes to the project's scope, he worked to make sure that he met the project deadline.”

Julie T., for the book How To Be A Great Real Estate Agent by Joe Rand

“Working with Nate is a dream. He is highly skilled (see his resume), very intuitive, and flexible. I had the pleasure of working with Nate for the past month or so. He created the cover for my ebook. He did everything I asked and more. The schedule was pushed back and he was fine with it. We did multiple revisions and he was always more than happy to keep working until the job was done. I highly recommend Nate to anyone who needs help with illustration, typography, or design.”

Rob O., for the book Darius Webb Adventures

“Working with Nate was a pleasure from the start. He not only went along with my ideas but suggested valuable input. The turnaround time was excellent and the finished artwork was spot on for my novel. Highly recommended.”

John L., for the book They Did It Sideways

”Nate delivered stage 2 of a book project in which, having initially completed design & illustration work, he took ownership and responsibility for the publication of the book, finalising the cover design and overseeing back-cover work and interior design work and producing the print-copy. 

This was therefore very good value and he has this extra string to his bow, in that he can actually manage completion and take the problem of responsibility for the final print-version of the book off your hands. Added to his undoubted high-level illustration skills, this made for a very effective combination. 

If you are looking for the complete package, Nate is the person to go to. And of course copy design is absolutely a critical part of the book.

Great work!”

Alex W., for the book “Too Late, Mate?”