Nate Fakes sold his first cartoon in fifth grade, and throughout middle and high school, he drew all day instead of paying attention in class. His edgy humor was infamous. In fact, at one point, he was invited by the high-school principal to stop drawing cartoons that poked fun at my classmates or he wouldn’t graduate. He accepted. 

After high school, Nate went to Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. He took the job of graphic artist/cartoonist for the school newspaper, The Guardian, and created weekly political and gag cartoons. That gig landed him an internship at MAD Magazine in New York City, during which he wrote for the magazine and cleaned their storage room. At the end of the internship, with the storage room all spiffy, he returned to Ohio, continued to work with MAD on three different series, and drew for numerous other publications. 

After spending gobs of hours at the drawing board, he developed a syndicated series, Break of Day, that appears in newspapers and online daily.

Some of Nate’s clients include 21st Century Fox, Costco and plenty of other folks that really enjoy off-the-wall cartoons.

In 2018, Nate launched Cartooning Courses. It’s an online community for cartoonists that features courses, videos and blogs on how to create, promote and profit from cartooning.

He is also a full-time staff cartoonist for Red Bull at Kastner in Los Angeles.  There he writes and creates cartoon concepts for animations, commercials, storyboards, and billboards.

In the latest news, Nate was recently nominated for a NCS Reuben Award for Gag Cartoonist.

Nate lives and draws in Los Angeles, California, and has a wife, Kelsey, a daughter, Ella, and cat named Tiger. 

Oh, he tends to write in 3rd person.  And to this day, he still doesn’t pay attention in class.