Nothing works better for advertising and brand awareness than a custom cartoon. They’re shared, memorable, and - most importantly - funny! Contact me today about rates and how I can create the perfect cartoon for you and your company.


I specialize in creative writing for TV, brands, social media, blogs and publications. My work has been featured on ads for Red Bull, MAD Magazine, published books and more. I can create anything from blog posts, headlines for your next big advertising campaign or help write that next catchy dialogue for television.


I have created illustrations for ads, posters, storyboards, greeting cards, wine labels and books. I'm always excited about any project where I can create unique characters that come to life in whatever medium they live in.


With years of experience at advertising agencies in place like Los Angeles, California, I can come up with creative strategies that involve writing, images and illustrations that will bring brand awareness to your company. I’ve worked for Red Bull, Kastner, Costco and 21st Century Fox.

PLEASE CONTACT ME AT nate@natefakescartoons and let’s get started on your next project!