Laser Pointers, Hairballs, and Other Cat Stuff
 When most people think about God, they picture a grumpy old man in the sky handing out impossible rules and smiting people. It s not often that we have the opportunity to see God as the inventor of humor and a connoisseur of friendship. Knocking on Heaven s Door explores the relationship between a little boy named Spencer and his best friend God. This collection of comic strips (with behind-the-scenes notes from writer/comedian Tommy Blaze and artist Nate Fakes), is equally whimsical and profound. As author Tommy Blaze puts it, If Knocking on Heaven s Door is about anything, it s about our relationship with God and the understanding that He wants to be included in our everyday lives, no matter how seemingly trivial or insipid. . . . How could Spencer truly have a personal relationship with an omnipotent being so clearly superior to him? The answer is in the question. God can do anything He wants, which includes empathizing with a little kid and really getting down on his level.    CLICK HERE TO ORDER
The Lunatic Diaries:  Random Notes From BizComics
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