A Fresh Site And Some Fresh Starts

It's been a busy time around here at the studio.  All in a pretty good way.  I've been getting a lot done, which is good.  Exhausting, but good.  The problem has been finding time to do it all.  But, I'm making it happen.  I'm even still devoting a small amount of time for an occasional donut break (I'm happy to report that this isn't daily).

If you want to take a look around, you'll notice that - for one - I have a new site!  Yes, what you're reading this blog on is the new, and hopefully improved, Nate Fakes Studios website (hey, that's me!).  I've added all the necessities.  At least I think...

Why the change?

Well, a few things.  One is, the old website was more geared toward licensing cartoons.  This site's main goal is to showcase my work.  You know, developed as a portfolio more than anything.

When it comes to the licensing side of things, that is pretty well covered by CartoonStock.  They have over 2,000 of my cartoons available.  Or I can be contacted directly.

Another reason for the change is I added a few cool things on here, like my studio store, Cats Wearing Pajamas, and more.  Was a new site necessary for these things?  Er, not really.  But it's easier on my end to manage with this site, so I'll take it.  Plus, it's so much fun launching a new site, right?

I'm hoping to work with new (and current) art directors for more magazine, book, and possibly advertising illustration/cartoon jobs.  I think this site basically displays what I can do better than before.

Besides this new site, I'm almost done with my middle grade graphic novel.  I'm extremely excited about this, and will talk about it more when I can.  Right now, it's going through the editing process and is about 90% completed.  The art for it is only about 10% completed, but that's okay. I'm looking for a publisher, and all of the art comes into play later.  I'd hate to have a lot of polished artwork that needs some tweaking for publication later down the road.

I've cut out a lot recently in my profession.  The things that WEREN'T working well, I've weeded out.  It feels good.  I'm really gunning for the "bigger picture" on a lot of my projects.  And I'm learning to say "no" to a lot.

So, that's a quick update -- and my first blog on this website!

I'll try to post more.  If I can keep them short & sweet (and if I actually have something interesting to talk about) I'll keep blogging.  I can't commit to any timelines of posts or anything like that yet, but I'm sure I'll feature them on my Facebook page.

That's all for now!  

And since you're here at the new site, browse around a bit.  I'd love to hear from you your thoughts about this site, donuts, or anything.